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August 24, 2014
by Mrs. Moore

Arrays, Groups, and More!

Lucky for us because our brains work in different ways, we learn multiplication equations can be solved in many ways! This week our enrichment group thought it would be fun to teach others about the different models we used to solve multiplication equations. Watch our short video to learn how you can use an array, groups, or repeated addition to solve a multiplication equation.

Multiplication from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

Which way works best for your brain? 

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August 11, 2014
by Mrs. Moore

About Us 2014 – 2015

Our Class!

Our Class!

We are a 3rd grade class in Arizona, USA. We spend our day learning new things by working in groups, working with partners, or working on our own. We learn with the teacher, each other, and on iPads, iPods, or other technologies such as Cromebooks. We are very excited to communicate with students from all over the world through our blog.

Our favorites:

  •  Sports: soccer, baseball, football, basketball, golf, and kickball.
  • Hobbies: swimming, gymnastics, laundry, cleaning our rooms, and building with Legos.
  • Books: Goosebumps, Third Grade Angels, The Magic Finger, Bad Kitty, Diary of a Wimpy Kid,  The Night before Christmas, Charlie Brown, and The Magic Treehouse Series.
  • Food: pizza, chili, nachos, tamales, tacos, salad, tortellini, wings, corn dogs, McDonald’s, pancakes, and Wendy’s.
  • Apps: Subway Surfers, Minecraft, Fifa13, Addition Games, Flight Control, Traffic Rush, Temple Run, NCA Football, Minion Rush, and Pocket Addition.
  • Games: Cool Math, Minecraft, Sumdog, The Game of Life, Connect Four, Mister Bucket, Yatzee, and Tree Maker.
  • Movies/TV Shows: Descipable Me 2, The Lego Movie, Charlie Brown, Trouble with Curve, Dr. Who, Sponge Bob, Zapped, Lemonade Mouth, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rio, Rio 2, Girl Meets World, Maleficent, and Planes.

Please leave a comment if you’d like to share your favorites! 

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May 21, 2014
by Mrs. Moore

Our Classroom Favorites for 2013-2014!

We can hardly believe our school year is almost over! It seems like just yesterday we were entering our 3rd grade classroom for the first time. As we reflected over our 3rd grade experiences, we decided we would share a few of our favorites!

1. Mad Scientist Day: This was so great we held Mad Scientist Day 2!

2. O.R.E.O Project: Our Really Exciting Online Project!

3. Global Cardboard Challenge: Inspired by Caine’s Arcade!

4. Poetry: We love poetry!  Our class participated in many open mics and even wrote a little poetry of our own. Check out our bio poems.

5. Flat Stanley: This year Flat Stanley landed in Australia!

6. The Marshmallow Challenge: It’s just like what it sounds like, a challenge with a marshmallow!

7. One Book, One School: This was the first time our school participated in this project, and we thought it was amazing! Here is our post discussing character traits.

8. College Day: Every Thursday we research at least one new school. You never know where we might go…

Our map in the beginning of the year.

Our map in the beginning of the year.

Our map at the end of the year!

Our map at the end of the year!

9. Vermicomposting: During Earth Week we discovered another way to help save the environment.

10. Video Conferences: We thought of these as virtual field trips! Here are a couple we participated in: Piloting Planes, Minnesota Zoo, and Our Trip to Titan.

11. Dust Bowl: Can you imagine how life was for those ten years as a farmer? Our video might help you understand their plight.

12. Solve It Your Way: This blog had monthly challenges, and we loved to test our scientific method skills.  1. How far will it roll? .2  How high can you jump?  3. How long does it take an ice cube to melt?

What was your favorite experience of you school year? 

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May 21, 2014
by Mrs. Moore
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Imagining Life in the Dust Bowl

Last Tuesday we came to school to find out we had no recess all day! You might be asking why would kids in Arizona not get recess in May?! We would share with you it looked like a big dust storm and not very safe to be playing in! While embracing our afternoon recess in the classroom, Mrs. Moore shared with us a chapter from a story called Leah’s Pony. Leah was a girl growing up during the dust bowl, and her family was having trouble keeping their farm. This sent us on a research adventure to find video and facts about the people and their plight during the dust bowl. From our research we created a short skit to help depict the life of a farmer during that time period. We did it with a modern twist taking it from the perspective of the farms coming live from a newscast. Watch to see what we learned through our original scripts.

Dust Bowl from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

Do you know what the human and environmental factors were that caused the dust bowl?

How we can help stop the human factors from letting it occur again? 

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May 19, 2014
by Mrs. Moore

Student Blogging Challenge

Student Blogging Challenge #9: Doing my best

The final blogging challenge was to write a post about one of the following topics

  • What makes a great family
  • A global issue you would like to help solve
  • My future
  • Visiting overseas

Here are a few written by the students in our ELA class.

My Amazing Future is Awaiting

by Kailey M.

I wonder what’s going to happen when my Amazing Future does come. Am I going to get married? Am I going to be a doctor or a nurse or a M.A. as my job? I don’t know. What I want to do is do amazing things. Like maybe be the world’s famous singer or be a professional ice skater. I want to do amazing things like that. I want to be amazing!

My Future Job

I have a whole lot of future jobs I have on my list. Like being a M.A. (That means Medical Assistant.). I’ve always wanted to be a M.A. because my mom is. Being a M.A. is kinda hard. It’s like being a doctor but it’s way more difficult. She also really inspires me. I also want to be a mechanic also. That’s my dad’s job. A mechanic’s job is more difficult. You have to work on cars. You also have to know what the parts of some cars are called and what you have to do to fix them. There are so many jobs I want, I can’t even count them. I still don’t know what job I want.

I wonder…

I don’t just wonder about my future. I wonder about other futures, too. Like maybe my family’s or friends’. Will my parents get married? Will my friends move to another state or country? This is going to be a busy future and I still don’t know what to do. When I’m done thinking about what I’m going to do, I’ll probably think about another person’s future. Maybe I’ll think about your future.

Check out more cool Futuristic pictures at FlickrCC

My FUTURE Awaits

By Kyle

In the future the world would be different from the world we have now. Kids would be grown ups and grown ups would be Grandma’s & Grandpa’s. I would be an Engineer to build buildings, machines, and homes. Will I get married? Who knows the world knows. I will also read Humphrey BOOKS!

The job I will have is to be Engineer so I can help people out in the world. I will get married to a nice and great woman in the future. The future will also mean a better world. If I become an engineer people who have the money and can’t find a home they can get the some. I will build if I become an Engineer. I can also create machines for construction workers like C.A.T (Caterpillar) and cars for people. I will also read the whole series of Humphrey.

Image: ‘Turning a Connecting Rod‘ Found on

Image: ‘My Workshop Band Saw‘ on

If all this will happen my future will be great. We all have to wait a great amount of time before this can happen though.  When it comes I will be happy my friends will be happy and the world will be happy. This is what the future wants the world to do what they want to do.

You can check out this link:  Pictures also found on

My Future

By Noel

When I grow up I want to be a baker and bake cakes and cupcakes. I think it will be really fun! I would make a cupcake or cake with toppings on it like: sprinkles, icing, and all that stuff. I am really into making the things I wanted to make. I have been helping my grandma make: cookies, brownies, cakes, cupcakes and I think I would be really good at baking stuff like that.

I would use really good bread for cakes and cupcakes. I would use red velvet, vanilla, or chocolate bread. I would try my best to make really good bread. After I make it, it will probably taste really good. Then I would make it for people who come into my store. They will probably think they taste really good.

Some cakes and cupcakes have different ingredients like some use eggs and some do not use eggs. Some taste different because of the ingredients because some have different stuff in them. Cupcakes and cakes are really good to me but they can be gross to other people. Have you ever tasted a cake or cupcake? They can be good or not good.

If you want to learn how to make a cake or cupcake then here are the directions. 1. Get cake or cupcake batter. 2. Get a big bowl. 3. Pour  the batter into the bowl. 3. Get like 2-3 eggs and crack them open and pour them into the bowl. 4. Pour vegetable oil in the bowl. 5. Pour 1 cup of water in the bowl. 6. Stir all the stuff in the bowl. 7. Get a pan and pour the mixed up batter into the pan. 8. Then put it into the oven for about 20-30 minutes.

I think it is really fun to make cakes and cupcakes and I think you will have a fun time. But the only thing about cupcakes and cakes is that the sugar and fat is not good for you. Go on this Calories in Cupcakes – FatSecret.

Well have a nice time making your cake or cupcake. Do not forget to decorate your cake or cupcake!

The Future of School

By Carson

School helps people learn math, reading, and science. Teachers can help you learn things you do not know yet. Students go to school because they do not know what teachers know. Some kids even do home school with their parents to learn at home. The people do the way they want to learn.

Students will learn more things in the future of school. Students would learn if their parents  would learn with them. Have Parent day. Parents go to school with their kids and learn what they learn.

Kids from schools should be friends because they get to know each other. They can skype with a electronic device. They build friendships to people. kids could be friends on what you know and on what he know. The future so bright you to shade.


Image: ‘GHCA’s Computer Lab Running Gentoo Linux‘ Found on

tThe+future+of+books Image: ‘ECU School of Education Class Room‘ Found on

What Makes A Great Family

By Diana

What do you need to make a great family? Most kids a orphans meaning that they do not have a family. So if you have a new brother or sister don’t fuss be happy. of course you want a good house and nice parents really no one is perfect. Be happy some children don’t have a good home at all.

They have is hope and God they don’t have food the get very sick and die. So you don’t have a big house. Some people don’t have a house. You think you have horrible food some people don’t have any food they don’t have anything to eat. You can’t have your friend over you have a cold. Some people don’t get well they can’t have a life.

  Image: ‘The Nomads’ Simple Life‘ Found on         

Enjoy the things that you have health, food and a good home. How can you not enjoy this? These people are more grateful than you are and you have more to be grateful for. Just stop right now and think make sure that you are being grateful. Love everything like clean water, food and so much more. Instead of thinking I have so little, think I have so  much .  So  when you lie think I have so much and I have a great family.

My fun Future!

Hi, My name is McKenzie H. and this is what I hope my future is going to be like…..

I want to be a good basketball player I want to take after my brother. I would also like to be a vet for how much I love animals. If I can’t be basketball player. My brother liked basketball and now I do, but it takes lots and lots of practice! Maybe if I’m a vet I can buy animals for people who don’t have them.

I want to have a nice car that’s red and shiny when I’m sixteen years old, but I will have to graduate  from high school. I want to explore the world  itself too. I want to travel with my friends across the world. I would want to travel to Alaska first I want to go there because the seals and the other animals. I think that would sound fun. Or I could go to India.

I also would want to be happy with my life I would have tons of fun but who knows it may be totally different to what I want. I will have to wait and see what it will be like. I hope it will be close to what I would like.

And that’s what I hope my life will be like in my fun future!

                                                       By McKenzie H.

My dream of having a red car


My dream of basketball

SLAM+DUNK%21%21%21My dream of being a VetNuc+at+the+vetglobe     Image:  Found on flickrCC                                        My dream of traveling around the world

Image: ‘Nuc at the vet‘ Found on

My Lifetime Future

By Gabrielle

My future goal is to be a scientist and race in the Iditarod.  It sounds like fun and could be my lifetime career.

I would like to be a scientist when I grow up because it sounds very interesting and discovering new things would be very wonderful.  I would like to discover new types of animals and bugs, discovering jungles that had not been discovered and being famous for finding new things and being the first and lot’s of other experiences.


Image: ‘Semuc Champey Panorama‘ ‘ Image: ‘The Field Is Real‘ Image: ‘Day 30: Chemistry Found on

I would like to race in the Iditarod because I would be in Alaska and have a team of sled dogs, have lot’s of money, I would be famous, have fun going really far in snow, rain, and bad snow storms. I would have wonderful team of sled dogs, practice with my team and have fun.  I will get to meet new sled dog people and go very very far to be a champion.


Image: ‘Brent Beck‘ Image: ‘Shane Goosen’s dogs‘ Image: ‘sled dog trail signage‘ Found on

The Future of Science

By Jake

The world needs science. Science gets you a good job and a great family. Science helps us understand stuff. Scientist work hard for what they do.

Scientist has these tubes to mix them into one bottle. They put it in this machine to mix it fully called microspin pv-2400.  They turn different colors like blue and red equals purple. They wear goggles to protect their eyes from danger.


chemistry bottles with liquid inside                                   Image: ‘Science daily #30: Got things spinning‘ Found on

I found these facts on Science for Kids – Fun Experiments, Cool Facts, Online and flickrcc help me on the photos. What do you want to be in the future?

What do you think your future will be?

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