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August 14, 2016
by Mrs. Moore
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Our First Makerspace Adventure!

It was nearing the end of our first week of school, and time to test our collaboration skills! We headed to the 5th and 6th grade building to tour the new makerspace.



After discussing the LAUNCH process and norms, we started our marshmallow and spaghetti challenge. We worked in groups of 3 or 4 to build the tallest tower. Each group received 20 spaghetti noodles, 1 yard of tape, 1 yard of yarn, and one huge marshmallow. Our challenge, to build the tallest free standing tower with the marshmallow perched on top! This sounded easy enough, but then the building started…

Marshmallow challenge from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

After we cleaned up, we sat down to share what were the strengths of our groups’ efforts and what we would improve on next time. Most groups agreed working together and listening to others’ ideas was the key to success. We also realized sometimes we needed to change our original plan. It was tough only using the materials we were given, and we definitely would have liked more tape! Then, we headed back to class to work in our groups to help write this blog post. Here are some of our thoughts:

“We started off with a square base. Then we started the cube. Then we built a tall noodle base. We put the marshmallow on top, then it broke like a wrecking ball. We should have built smaller cubes.” Torrin, Peyton, and Connor

“It was awesome and also fun!” -Shyanne, Riley, and Noemi

“We wish we had longer noodles, more tape, more time, and no marshmallow!” -Leslie, Christina, and Jayden

“We tried to make a marshmallow tower, but it kept falling. We tried a new way, and it still didn’t work. We took the marshmallow off, and it still didn’t work!” -Charlie, Brendon, Julian, and Cohen

“We started good, but it would not stand. We kept laughing about it, and it got harder. We tried to use the tape, and we tried to use little pieces. We ran out of time, and Cody was shaking the table. It does not matter if you win, it matters if you learn and have fun.” -Logan, Cody, and Matthew

“We had a great time. We built a tower. We were in 2nd place. We worked hard together.” -Lilly, Sophiah, and Wade

We only had two towers that could stand. One was 7 1/2 inches and the other was 11 inches. Next time, we know we will build taller!

What strategies would you use to build a spaghetti tower? 

May 25, 2016
by Mrs. Moore
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Our Favorites of 2015-2016

It’s a tradition is Mrs. Moore’s class to look back and reflect on some of the amazing activities, projects and moments we’ve had during our school year. We used our blog to look back, and class discussion to spark our memories. Then, in pairs of two, we wrote our personal favorites. Next, Mrs. Moore put the choices into a Google Form so we could vote. These are the results!

  1. Legos – If you think playing with Legos sounds exciting, you should look at this post.
  2. Peace Cranes – We participated in the Peace Crane Project. Our cranes flew to Victoria, BC Canada!
  3. Prodigy and Sumdog – Playing these engaging math games not only helped us with our math skills, but it was really fun.
  4. O.R.E.O. Project – This is a Project by Jen that stands for Our Really Exciting Online Project.
  5. Hour of Code – That’s right! We started coding this year!
  6. Straws, Bricks, and Sticks -A building challenge!
  7. Unsinkable Ships – Everyone has heard of the Titanic…
  8. Marshmallow Challenge and Marshmallow Challenge Redux – We weren’t satisfied with our first tries of this challenge. We hoped are collaboration and constructing skills had improved over the year, so Mrs. Moore let us try again to see if we could build taller structures. Check our the redux to see if we were successful.
  9. Kahoot – We love playing Kahoot! We even played with a class in a different state during the Global Read Aloud.
  10. Mad Scientist Day – So many experiments, with so little time.

and because it was so close…

11. Camouflage Butterflies – We learned the Pepper Moth was no silly moth.

A quick iMovie Trailer to help you with a visual of our year together.

Our Favorites of 2015-2016 from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

May 25, 2016
by Mrs. Moore
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Promoting Peace

Earlier this school year, we did a read aloud with Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Elenor Coerr. If you have not read this before, we highly suggest you do! Although the book has a sad ending, it is definitely worth reading. In honor of Sadako, we joined a project called Peace Cranes Project. Since this project began in 2012, over 1 million children, from over 154 countries have joined, and we are proud to be 26 of them!

We started folding origami cranes in anticipation of our exchange. We sent our cranes to Victoria, B.C. in Canada, and in return, they sent theirs to us here, in Arizona. Our cranes carried messages of peace and friendship.

Our cranes ready for flight!

Our cranes ready for flight!

We also signed a peace pledge!

Our Pledge

Our Pledge

Today our peace cranes arrived from our new friends caring messages! We were inspired by their messages of friendship and caring. Thank you again St. Patrick’s Grade 3B!

Our exchange arrived!

Our exchange arrived!

Thank you Peace Crane Project for the inspiration!



May 22, 2016
by Mrs. Moore
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Legos Mania!

The day had finally arrived! It was our turn to use the WeDo Lego kits! These are no average Lego kits, we were actually able to program them to move and make noise! Using Mrs. Moore’s computer, we plugged them into a USB and started programming. Take a look at our skills!

Legos from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

May 21, 2016
by Mrs. Moore

Pieces of Me

Have you ever thought about your favorite piece of you? There are so many, how do you choose just one? Mrs. Moore put us up to the challenge. We had to pick just one piece of us that we think is extraordinary and write a poem telling why. Mrs. Moore was so impressed by our poems, she made a book to share with future classes. If you could read our book, this is what you would see…

What is your favorite piece of you?

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