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May 24, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Our Farewell to Third Grade

Yesterday, we took a few minutes to revisit past posts to remember everything that was great about being a third grader. Then, Mrs. Moore compiled our favorites into a survey so we could distinguish our top 10 favorites. This is what we found:

Ogoh-Ogohs: A Balinese New Year tradition!

O.R.E.O Challenge: This stands for Our Really Exciting Online Project

The Arizona Giant Traveling Map:

Geo Shows and Mystery Skypes: Skyping with Geo B and other classes around the US was a fantastic way to learn about geography not only in our country, but around the world. One of our favorites was learning about Komado Dragons! 

Video Conferences: We really enjoyed learning from other people! We video conferences with The Longwood Gardens to learn about plant adaptations and George Washington Carver National Park, where we obviously learned about George Washington Carver.

Cardboard Challenge: This is a spectacular event for people of all ages. This week was so fantastic, we wrote a whole post about it!

Earthquakes!: We built structures and simulated earthquakes using Jello-O.

Poetry: We definitely consider ourselves lovers of poetry. We began the year reciting other poets poetry. Then, we wrote our own and presented them with flashcards. Here is our poetry with pictures!

Dust Bowl: We wrote our play to depict life during the the dust bowl.

Planting Our Garden

*Bonus not on the list, but the most mentioned as forgotten~ Earth Models!

May 22, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Read Across America

It was a celebration full of Dr. Seuss! This event happened months ago, but we just discovered some old footage we think is worthy of sharing. Our class took it a step further than just reading the same author with other students in America. We actually Skyped with our friends in Missouri. We had recently participated in a Mystery Skype, and thought it would be great to reconnect with a shared read aloud. They read the first half of the book to us, then we read the last half to them! If you’d like to see a few pictures, and hear our half of the book, watch the video below.

What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book? 

May 21, 2017
by Mrs. Moore
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The Arizona Giant Traveling Map

During one of our final weeks of school, we had the chance to borrow the Arizona Giant Traveling Map from the Arizona Geographic Alliance! This map at 17 feet by 21 feet, truly is giant.  You heard us right, it is a huge map you can discover great things about Arizona by walking on it! The only hitch, no shoes allowed, but being third graders we thought this aspect was pretty cool. We couldn’t wait to get our feet on it, and we had such a great time learning about maps and Arizona, we visited it three times!

Our class wasn’t the only one who had the chance to try it. Several other classes, grades 1st through 6th gave it try as well. Take a quick look at our Animoto video to see us all in action!

We definitely recommend if you live in Arizona, get your teacher to borrow the Giant Traveling Map! The learning potential is endless!

May 14, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

The 2017 Global Kindness Project

Last week our class joined the 2017 Global Kindness Project. This project, started by The Educator Collaborative, will run through the end of our school year and we have to agree, it’s a great time to remember what kindness and gratitude means to each of us!

Week 1 addressed the question, what is kindness? Each day we used Padlet to share our thoughts and reflections. We tweeted these each day using #GKP17. Here are a couple of our tweets:

We are also very excited about our connection with a class in Prague, Czech Republic! We “visited” their school using Google Earth. It looks very lush and green compared to here! The time zones are too different to Skype, but we created this video to introduce ourselves to our new friends.

Week 2 was all about gratitude! We continued using Padlet to share our thoughts and reflections. We also tweeted these hoping to help spread the word of kindness and gratitude!

We are looking forward to next week when we will be learning and reflecting on empathy!

How do you show kindness and gratitude? 

May 5, 2017
by Mrs. Moore
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Some of what we learned from our reading this week.

  • Earthquakes happen everyday somewhere in the world.
  • Earthquakes are caused when tectonic plates move.
  • Some earthquakes can destroy houses, bridges, and buildings.
  • Most earthquakes last less than 30 seconds.

Here are some thoughts after our earthquake activity.

I learned to secure the walls and floors. If you don’t then it might fall. Mine did not fall, I was a survivor. I saw some disasters and ones that weren’t disasters. I saw some with no structure and some with structure.


Today we did a project using only marshmallows and toothpicks. During this project I’ve learned roofs collapse easy, and you will need wall and floor foundations.  I’ve observed that square figures work best for the structure’s foundation.


I wonder if my structure would have stayed up if I used support beams?


Have you ever felt an earthquake?!

April 26, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Our Newly Planted School Garden

Plant Time

Today we learned how to plant a seed the proper way. Destiny and I are partners. I planted three types of seeds, radishes, marigolds, and sunflower seeds. Destiny and I  had lots of fun. I got really messy with the soil, but at the same time it was really fun. That was my first time planting a seed. I never knew it was going to be this messy. I will tell you the proper way to plant a seed.

  1. Get the seed you want to plant.
  2. Dig a spot you want to put the seed in, but don’t dig it too deep because it will take longer for your plant to grow.
  3. Bury the seed in the soil.
  4. Then you get a little bit of water.
  5. Then you pour it on the seed.
  6. Eat it and enjoy. If it’s a flower, don’t eat it, just put it in your hair and you will look pretty.

By Noemi Salas

Our Plant Adventure

You have to water the plants almost everyday, and when you water your plants, you have to be kind. You can grow food, flowers all kind of stuff. But, you need soil to plant your plants. You have to make sure not to get the leaves wet when you water,  or they will die because of the sun will burn them. You can also plant radishes and other plants. When you plant your plants you have to make sure it has good soil and good plant food. Plants can in shapes and sizes. Yours can big or small, but it  is a plant and plants are plants.  I love plants because they keep me alive, and I love love love plants they are special.

By Sophiah and Kayla

Plant Time!

Today we planted plants. It was messy, but worth it, and it’s fun. Emi and I planted radishes, sunflowers, and marigolds. Emi and I had lot’s of fun. Like I said, it was pretty fun and worth it. I am also going to tell you the steps for planting a plant.

  1. You find a see you want to plant.
  2. You dig a hole according to your plant instructions.
  3. Put the seed in the hole.
  4. Bury it.
  5. Wet it a little.
  6. Finally, let it grow.

By Destiny

We went outside and planted  plants. We planted  radishes, sunflower seeds,  lettuce and two different kind of beans and we planted our own classroom plants . We had lots of fun, so you should  go do it and check it out.

By Lilly and Anahi

Today we planted plants like radishes, basil, and sunflower seeds. It is easy to plant. All you have to do is dig a hole. On the back of the seed packet it will tell you how big the hole has to be, then you put the seeds in the hole. When you plant something, you have to water it, but if you water the leaves, they will burn.

By Alyssa and Alley

We got to plant radishes and sunflowers and melons. It was exciting what we planted. They need soil, they also need water and sunlight. When they get planted, they need water right away.

By Wade

If you would like to see a few pictures of our freshly planted garden, watch the Animoto video below!

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