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January 27, 2016
by Mrs. Moore
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Hour of Code 2015

*This post was never published! We hope if you attend our school, you are planning on attending Rocky’s Academy this Saturday from 9:00-10:30!

December 7-13 was Computer Science Education Week. To get involved, not just our class, but every student in our school participated in Hour of Code. First, we watched this video. Wow! We were impressed with the number of students all over the world that were taking part in this event. Next, we watched this video. This helped us to better understand exactly what we would be doing for the next hour. Then, Mrs. Moore showed us the tutorials we would be working on. You can imagine our excitement when we saw the options included Minecraft and Star Wars! She also explained we could help each other, but only verbally. We were not allowed to touch another student’s keyboard. We quickly learned this was because we were working on our problem solving and persevering skills. It was finally time to try coding for our first time!

hourofcode IMG_3490 hourofcode2 hourofcode5

Have you tried coding? 

January 24, 2016
by Mrs. Moore

MLK Jr. and Civil Rights

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., our class took the opportunity to not only learn about this great man, but dig a little deeper into why we think we celebrate him. To kick off the week, we started by watching two videos. The first video took us all the way back to the day he was born. The second, Kid President shared his inspirational thoughts about Dr. King Jr.

Why do you think we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?

“I think we celebrate it because he let us have different skinned friends, and he was very important.”  -Haidyn

“We celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday because he was a man that brought hope and healing to America, and it is his birthday.” -Juliana

“I think we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day because he helped stop the unfair laws.” -Nathaly

“I think we celebrate MLK Jr. Day because he is a very special man and intelligent.” -Tori

“I think we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day because he tried to get civil rights.” -Myah

“He let black and white people be treated fairly.” -Jackson

“He stopped bad things that people do to hurt other people.” -Psyruhs

“To make laws fairer and to give us freedom.” -Karim

“Because he fought for the rights and let people come together.” -Avery

If you could ask him a question, what would it be? 

“How did you think of the “I Have a Dream” speech? When the laws changed, did you have any friends? When you were a kid, what kind of toys did you have?” -Makana

“How did you make people listen to you?” -Rosalina

“Why did we have unfair laws?” -Dahlya

“How did you get all those people to march with you?” -Ean

“Were there phones back then?” -Jasmine

“How can you change your whole entire name?” -Avery

“Was it hard when you were a kid?” -Myah

“How many times did you go to jail? How many speeches did you do? How long did it take for people to agree with you?” -Haidyn

“Why did they treat white people good and black people bad? Why did black people have to give up their seats just for white people? Did you do something else with your life?” -Nathaly

In honor of this day, we drew pictures and re-enacted his speech.

MLK Jr. from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

Why do you think we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

What question would  you ask him? 

December 7, 2015
by Mrs. Moore

Camouflage, How Does It Help?

We started off our activity watching this video. It showed 25 creatures that have remarkable camouflage. We learned camouflage can be helpful to hide from predators, but can also work to help a predator catch its prey! Next, it was our turn to see if we could create a moth that would blend in perfectly to our classroom environment. Watch the animoto video to see our incredible skills! You will be impressed with our coloring abilities.

Finally, we watched this video on the Peppered Moth. If you’ve never heard of this moth before, you will be amazed! We were in awe with its miraculous evolution.

December 2, 2015
by Mrs. Moore

Should Students Pay to Play?

Getting started!

Should students pay?

That was the big question of the morning! Should kids have to pay fees to participate in sports? It was time to start a friendly debate, known as a Socratic Seminar, to find out the opinions of our classmates.

Our first task was to read an informational piece of text that gave both sides of the argument. We annotated the text, took notes on our position, and got ready to discuss using evidence from the text. Well, as it turned out, we all had the same opinion! We believe students should not have to pay to play.

The evidence we cited was:

  • Sports are important for teamwork and leadership.
  • Sports promote weight loss and fit kids.
  • It’s unfair to students who cannot afford to pay.

Even though we all had the same opinion, it was good practicing our communication skills and referring to the text to support our answers. Hopefully next time, we will have a little more variety in our conversation!

 What do you think would be a good topic to discuss during a Socratic Seminar?

December 1, 2015
by Mrs. Moore

Our Wrap On The Global Read Aloud

Participating in the Global Read Aloud was very exciting for our class! Not only did we have the chance to read a great book, The Year of Billy Miller, we were able to connect using Skype and Padlet with classes in Tennessee, Colorado, New York and Michigan.

Last week we made our final connection with the 2nd grade class from Tennessee. The other teacher had a great idea. Using Kahoot, we would share what we knew about The Year of Billy Miller. We’ve used Kahoot before, but never with a class in another state! It was a fast paced and exciting game! You can probably tell by looking at our faces in the pictures below, it was intense waiting to see if we picked the correct answer.

Playing Kahoot with a class in Tennessee!

Playing Kahoot with a class in Tennessee!

Thank  you again to Ms. Osborne’s class in Tennessee! We enjoyed both our Mystery Skype and playing Kahoot!


November 23, 2015
by Mrs. Moore
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Spaghetti and Marshmallow Challenge

Based on an idea shared by Peter Skillman, we worked together in small groups to create a free standing spaghetti sculpture with a marshmallow on top. Each group was given 20 pieces of spaghetti, 1 yard of tape, 1 yard of string, a marshmallow, and a pair of scissors. It was our mission, in only 18 short minutes, to build the tallest structure in the class!

Although this may seem simple, and many of us thought it would be, it actually required many skills. We had to use communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, and creativity and innovation. Here are a couple of things we discussed after the challenge:

  • It was really fun!
  • It’s harder than it looks like it will be.
  • It works best when you collaborate with your group.
  • We all wished we could have more tape.
  • Sometimes you have to start over with a new idea.
  • It was really disappointing when your structure fell over.

Check out this iMovie trailer to see our highlights! We hope you enjoy!

Spaghetti and Marshmallow Challenge from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

What tips do you have for us? 

How tall of a structure do you think you could build? 

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