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I’m in third grade now but i just wanted to say hi.

Summer is almost here!!

I’m exited for summer!!! I know that its going to be hot but you can still have fun you can swim,read a good book you can call some friends and have some fun!!

our quilt pieces

our class is doing a project and we are making quilt pieces and sending them around the country! we have got five quilt pieces from around the country

A note to Admiral Drake

Dear Admiral Drake,

It is cool how you had to talk over the radio.

It is also cool how you traveled across the world.

It must have been so cool.

I want to travel across the world to!

It must have been hard because the pirates and the storms!

To: Admiral Drake

Sincerely: Aleeya


All about my dog

She is very fluffy. She is playful. She is nice to other people. She is a saint Barnard  Boarder collie. She is brown,black,and,white. She is pretty.

My Favorite 2 Movies


Despicable Me 2

What is your favorite Movie

Please take my survey

please comment on my blog

Hi i’m Aleeya please comment on my blog. I think you will like it! Have fun looking at my blog

Things Too Do When Your Bored

1. Baseball

2. Tag

3. play on computer

4. Watch tv

5. Color

6. Read

What do you like too do when your a board?

things I did over spring break

I went hiking with my cousins.  My cousin and I went in a really really cold lake! It was super cold My cousin and I had a lot of fun. Me and my family went canoeing.

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