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What I did for Spring Break

on March 17, 2015

I went to Lego Land and then I went to a water  park it was fun.  At Lego Land I stayed at a hotel.  On Saturday I went to the beach and stayed at another hotel. On Sunday I left and went home 🙁

4 Responses to “What I did for Spring Break”

  1. cpjura says:

    FUN! I have never been to LegoLand, but it seems like so much fun! Kourtney said she went to LegoLand over spring break too. I wonder if you were there the same day? Did you go on lots of rides? When you went to the beach did you go swimming in the ocean?

  2. Aleana says:

    I did go on lots of rides.And I went to lego land on Thursday. I don’t know about Kortney?I swam in the ocean it was fun.

  3. Angelica says:

    I went to Legoland for spring break too !!!!!

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