Creating our About Page

post written by Tracy Watanabe

In blogging, a page is different than a post. A page gives information about something such as information about your class or guidelines for being safe on the blog; while a blog post is about your thoughts, ideas, and reflections that you want to have a discussion about.

Explore these About Pages

Your first task is to explore the About Pages on the blogs listed below and answer the questions in the comments below:

  • What information do they tell you?
  • What do you like about them?

Here are the blogs you may explore:

  1. Mrs. Hamman’s Blog
  2. 4KJ at Leopold — Miss Jordan’s Blog (Click on the links to the four different About Pages)
  3. Mr. Salsich’s Team 5 Blog
  4. Mrs. Moore’s Class Blog
  5. Em’s Canvas

What information did you learn on the About Pages?

What do you like about their About Pages?

What should your teacher write on your About Page?

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  1. on September 25, 2013 at 6:27 pmTrevor Said:

    It should be about what we do during class and the fun things we do, if parents see they would be amazed.


  2. on September 25, 2013 at 6:29 pmDrake Said:

    Here’s Some Things To Make It This Blog Better 1. Favorite Things. 2. Subjects We Like. 3.A Map Where We Are. 4.What Grade Are We. 5.What Were Doing. 6.Talk About Things Were Learning About . 7.Have A Picture With All Of Us. 8.Things We Do All The Time. 9.What Instruments Were Playing. 10.Talk About All Of Us. And That’s How We Can Make our Blog Better.


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