Thanksgiving is a time for spending quality time with our family and friends.  My family enjoys eating lots of turkey, potatoes, and pie!  We love watching football and playing board games.  What I love most about Thanksgiving, is being able to spend the day with everyone I care about!  What does your family do?  What are you most thankful for this year?

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Staying healthy

We have been learning how to keep our minds and bodies healthy.  What are some important choices that we can make to keep ourselves healthy?

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Body Systems!

We have been doing lots of work and research on different body systems.  There are 6 systems that keep our bodies running.  Can you name all 6 systems?  Pick one system and name a few organs that are found within that system.  Good Luck!

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Our ASU Field Trip!!

5th grade had the opportunity to take a trip down to Tempe, AZ and see how exciting college can be! We had lots of fun walking the campus and meeting some of the staff and students.  They were all very welcoming and gave our students a day to remember!
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Creating our About Page

post written by Tracy Watanabe

In blogging, a page is different than a post. A page gives information about something such as information about your class or guidelines for being safe on the blog; while a blog post is about your thoughts, ideas, and reflections that you want to have a discussion about.

Explore these About Pages

Your first task is to explore the About Pages on the blogs listed below and answer the questions in the comments below:

  • What information do they tell you?
  • What do you like about them?

Here are the blogs you may explore:

  1. Mrs. Hamman’s Blog
  2. 4KJ at Leopold — Miss Jordan’s Blog (Click on the links to the four different About Pages)
  3. Mr. Salsich’s Team 5 Blog
  4. Mrs. Moore’s Class Blog
  5. Em’s Canvas

What information did you learn on the About Pages?

What do you like about their About Pages?

What should your teacher write on your About Page?

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Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety, and Blogging Guidelines

by Tracy Watanabe


What does it mean to be a “good citizen”?

What does it mean to be safe?


Behavior Expectations

When I was growing up, there were expectations my parents had of me for my personal safety:

  1. Ask permission before going somewhere.
  2. Don’t talk to strangers. — (With the exception of my parents/entrusted adult being aware of the conversation.)
  3. Ask for help when I need it.
  4. Be polite and use good manners.
  5. Help others when I can, and add to their lives.

These are the same expectations I have of my own children for their interactions in our physical community and our digital communities.


How can we be “good citizens” and safe on the Internet? 

How can we be safe on the Internet?

Click here to watch a BrainPOP video about Digital Etiquette to find answers to these questions (you may need to use your School BrainPOP username and password to log in).

Moby the Robot from BrainPOP UK
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Brain POP via Compfight

Creating Blogging Guidelines

Blogs often have Guidelines about the expectations for safety and digital citizenship. Visit these examples and decide what is strong or important on these:

What do you think we should include on our Guidelines Page?

How can we be “good citizens” on the computer? 

How can we be safe on the computer?

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